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Sigaram is a diversified business organization in India, committed to providing world class services for its customer and partners in the sectors like Real Estate, Hospitality, Education, Health care, Finance and Media Services. Sigaram Group owes its success and leadership position to it’s core philosophy of “ Caring you and our world for a better tomorrow” a guiding principle for holistic development. Sigaram Group, the name thousands of families vouch for trustworthiness and best business practices.

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Sigaram Chits EChits

Sigaram Chits eChits is the first registered digital Chits company in India. We have been the game changers of Chits market in India by replacing traditional practices with digital practices. Every transaction is digitized and is online. We leveraged on miracles to Technology to enable trust and transparency in Chits .



Shravan, Business Man

“The Chits system works very well for me. I have invested a registered Chits with Sigaram Chits . The registered one mainly serves the dual purpose of saving and borrowing if needed. I manage my online and take part in eAuctions. There is no need to go to their office. My can be managed anytime, anywhere.”

Kiran, Software Professional

“With Sigaram Chits , I have been able to see the transparency through technology and trust through a registered Chits . My investments are safe, secure and my payments are made on time. I recommend Sigaram Chits eChits to all my friends and family. eChits enable you to keep track of your from time to time.”

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